Evaluation Rubric for Performance Task 4.2: Business Simulation

Good day, Young Entrepreneurs!

Please be guided on how you will be graded in your business simulation. The highest possible score you can get in this performance task is 100. You will be rated according to the ten dimensions below:

  1. Booth Design and Space Coverage
  2. Presentation/ Organization & Management of Booth Resources
  3. Issuance of Official Receipts
  4. Use of Marketing/ Promotional Materials
  5. Product Knowledge
  6. Packaging Design
  7. Equipment, Safety, and Sanitation
  8. Waste Management System
  9. Professionalism
  10. Closing: Egress Procedures and Aftercare Cleanliness

Below is the detailed rubric (for those using mobile phones, enable landscape orientation for best view):

Alternatively, you may download the rubric form by clicking here.