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Activity 3.2: Salient Features of Entrepreneurship

Directions: Write your answers to the following questions in the comment box.

1. Why entrepreneurship is an art and not a science?

2. Differentiate wealth-creating venture from an income-generating venture.

3. Differentiate wealth-creating venture from an income-generating venture.

4. Describes who determines whether the goods or services are valuable.

5. Differentiate how an entrepreneur and an ordinary businessperson handle business risk.

6. Recall an invention that you think has significantly changed your lifestyle. Evaluate how creative and valuable it is to you.

Why Students Need to Learn Entrepreneurship?

In this rapidly changing world, the future is uncertain. The job market and economy has greatly changed from time to time starting from industrial revolution to the age of technological revolution which is a contemporary happening. If you ask your grandparents what were the jobs of their generation, you will find out that many of them are no longer available today. Hence, there’s a need for students to adopt in the 21st century global economy and they can only do this through acquiring relevant skills that will enable them to venture in territories that are still unknown and chart their own paths. Below are five reasons why students need to learn Entrepreneurship:

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